About Me and This Blog

Just Me

Hi, I’m an advocate for feminist interests, and the fair treatment of women in the world, in particular I focus on the forwarding of women’s interests in developed countries. I am a woman and a Transportation Officer in the U.S. Army (read more on that below), and I dabble in art mostly by sketching and I post some of these pictures.

I studied International Law and Portuguese at the United States Military Academy at West Point, but I’m the first person in my family to go there. I’m a little bit of an outsider and outlier.

Anyway, in the military one must always add that this blog is an expression of my personal opinion and not that of the Dept of Defense, the Army, any organization with official capacity, etc.

I write for the issues I am passionate about, and I try to be unadulterated me: that includes my sarcasm, occasional cynicism and heartfelt yearning and heart breaking, and of course my quirky humor.

I’m a world traveler, and I try to learn about each and every culture that I traverse. I’ve never really been immersed for too long anywhere, but I’ve figured out there’s adventure and things to learn wherever one goes.


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