They Say Lack of Sleep will Kill Me…

tongue and water 3-24-2014 3-39-35 AM

I can’t disagree, but it’s not a terrible way to go. Latest art, oil pastels on some nice stationery I bought originally for letter-writing. Yes, this is through an Instagram filter. But I am not trying to be the greatest artist at this. I just want to be able to create a basic image to give to a skilled tattoo artist to put on my body. This is practice.

Back to the thoughts behind this post, and perhaps, a little the art?

I never said I wasn’t emotional; but when it comes to compartmentalizing, how do you measure success?

Is it in the dam or nuclear power plant that looms over the landscape of your mind, that if it breaks will destroy you entirely?

Or is it in a mind where there are few walls, where you let the pain wash over you and through your actions, but there is no imminent disaster?

I never agreed with you entirely.

We moved on in many topics, moving forward swiftly, focused on the love between us. Using it to light the way. Ignoring the shadows of doubt it casts.

I may have to leave to see the God-awful for myself.


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