Is it Hard Out Here? And How so?

Lily Allen’s new music video Hard Out Here.

I don’t really have an opinion on body image issues, of which men have some of the same pressures as women to be thin, but I do think women have it tougher when a SINGLE woman in a male-dominated field is expected to represent ALL women in that field, or worse when she assumes she speaks for all women. Whether they support or disagree with my views, it annoys me when a woman writes an article and says she is the expert because she was there man.

Lily Allen’s music video and lyrics make fun of over-sexualization of women in the music industry, poking fun at Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. It doesn’t perfectly capture all the issues, but it’s fun and spunky, and the message I extracted was that it does get hard for women who aim for something different than being a mother or wife or sex object, or the evolution from sex object to trophy wife. It’s not that aiming to be any of these things, or that making one of those goals your priority, is a bad thing. It’s just the criticism if you deviate from those plans.

Half the envy I have of men, is the lack of backblast they get when they aim to do something unconventional. Bachelor for life? A smiling shake of the head, “One day he’ll learn.” Some old man might say chidingly. No one worries because he isn’t running out of time to bear children.

Robin Thicke and “Blurred Lines.” Thicke’s music video stirs up controversy because of seeming degrading display of women. He tries to sell his simple-minded catchy tune as pro-feminism. Either way, he basically strolls away unscathed from the event while the media tries to determine what is “wrong” with Miley Cyrus for their performance at the VMAs.

Justin Timberlake has yet to suffer for his part in the wardrobe malfunction of 2004.

If men care about their careers, they are normal. If women care about career progression they are heartless harpies.

So much progress has been made forward and so unimportant is it for the progression of society for procreation to be the priority of families in modern countries… why do we still judge women by their ability to attract men and be mothers?

MTF at a later date.


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