Where Are We on Those Goals?

This hump-day, I figure I should pause to contemplate some of my goals.

Physically:  Last week I only ran 9 miles, but I walked like 6 on the weekend (yay Berlin!). I think I want to get a fit-bit, keep aiming for that 11.5 miles a week, and try to increase my daily movement. Today I’ll shoot for a mid-range run. Part of my challenge in this is my shoes are worn out and I can feel it whenever I increase my speed or distance.

I need to seriously start sleeping at a decent hour. I think midnight is a wishful goal, but probably a realistic place to start.

I have started eating a little better in general, I bought Turkey burgers, and bison, and have varied things up with Salmon and black beans. I have some food lying around that is just plain unhealthy… but I think when I move I’ll throw out anything I didn’t buy myself (a couple other officers moving gave me a bunch of stuff which is a nice gesture… but now I have Cheeri-O’s and bake mix crowding my shelves and I don’t eat either). When I get to Baumholder I am also going to inquire to see if the commissary can’t stock my favorite non-dairy creamer (it’s coconut milk creamer, and it’s delicious!) A lot of positive change should come by the time I move.

I started keeping track of my well-being in general in a journal, what and when I was eating, when I was sleeping and whether I felt tired or good and awake during the day. All the journal did, though, was make me sort of depressed about my life. I want to get some plants and a bird when I move to Baumholder. Which reminds me there is a lot of cleaning that needs to happen here at my apartment. Most of the pieces have been shuffled around and packed, but the problem remains that I have too many clothes. Many of my clothes are just a little worn or have stains or were just things I would wear in college and I should probably throw them out as I’ve out-grown their style, if not their waistlines (well… in some cases waistlines)

Mentally/Emotionally: I am struggling to maintain interest in my book, The Brothers Karamazov (partly because I can’t even spell it when I’m not reading it). But I’m still reading it whenever I get the chance. Ten pages a day isn’t really happening regularly though. I think I should add a feminist book too.

One of my friends who likes over-stated and antique objects, recommended I buy a quill and ink to write letters with. I don’t know about a quill… but I will definitely look for an old ink pen. That does sound lovely. This is the same friend who owns an Officer’s saber, and who is appalled I don’t own my own yet. I promised him I’d get up to speed, but maybe that is a post-Germany goal.

Finally, with regard to Facebook… I had a sort of consistent and steady voice of reason telling me this weekend to reconsider using Facebook at all. I cannot really justify stopping the social website… cold turkey. I’m not a recluse, in fact I’m a little bit of a social butterfly and phones are usually second-choice for making contact for those of us working in Germany. And as my friend admitted, a lot of people have become reluctant to use Email.

Additionally, there are many useful reasons I have a profile on there (public image, personal page but can keep contact with other Officers in the Army, and some Soldiers when they aren’t your subordinates). But there are many faux pas and pitfalls that I have been guilty of. I’ve posted on an interest page causing inflammatory remarks I regretted extremely but am too proud to remove. I’ve gotten into some petty arguments with family. I’ve had to struggle with who I will friend from work and who I won’t. But while I totally think that Facebook is an appropriate place to share your interests, and beliefs, and showcase art in my case (because part of the reason I like Facebook is it is a safe environment to get feedback and totally free), I want to change two things about the way I use it.

One, I want to stop getting into arguments based on something someone posted. My family is argumentative and opinionated enough that we get into heated … debates frequently enough when we’re visiting in person. But there is something a little funny about arguing over something online, when we’re not even in the same room, and we’re not going to change each others’ minds in a miniature debate when the underlying side message if you admit defeat is that you were “WRONG” or worse, “DUMB”. So, I will go forward really trying to avoid arguing on the site for a while and just try to use it for its positive effects. I have already made this step with acquaintances that I don’t really like. I’ve blocked more than a handful of people (all fellow-Officers oddly enough) and it has done wonders for my mood when I jump on Facebook. (Blocking means you can’t see them and they can’t see you!) But blocking IS noticeable when you are related to the other individual.

and Two, I have been meaning for a while to put together a professional page, and use that to just keep in contact with anyone I think I would have a conflict of interest being their ‘friend’ on Facebook. Or anyone I would feel a concern to share parts of my profile with. I would use LinkedIn, but not enough people I know use that regularly.

I drew a little comic last night, but need time to edit it. Hopefully I can share that later this week. In the meantime, sorry dear Reader, this is just a words only post and mind-numbingly just about me.


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