Monday: Lessons Learned in Random

Today I learned I should have at least two routes to work planned out. The highway near my apartment was shut down and the reason was grisly. Head-on collision between two trucks resulting in fatality. Unfortunately, this meant huge traffic jams in the surrounds small towns.

I also learned what an ouvert is in lingerie. It’s an open-back panty. You can read more about that here. I only add that because my curiosity was piqued on the website for Agent Provocateur, which lists plenty of ‘ouvert’ styles and doesn’t explain what they are. Maybe it’s the whole difference between calling them panties and knickers, either way it confused the heck out of me, and Google didn’t immediately make it clear. Now that I know, I feel the need to spread the word.

This weekend I learned about slow-heating coals for hookah too. Me and my friends ended up purchasing a kilo of coal, but when I went to light one, it was pretty dead. So I did another google search and saw that you can just leave them on a hot stove. The pictures were of heating coils, but we tried with a flat iron stove and it actually worked out. So now I have quite the stash of coal, and it came decently cheap. The non-quick-light coals were an exercise in patience, but a good lesson overall.

It was just one of those long days overall, but the end result was a relaxing evening with some soup heated up on the stove, and a little bit of strawberry hookah to round off the night. Sometimes, you need to just relax and indulge. Especially on a Monday.


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